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is regular milk ok for a six months old?

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No. Regular cow's milk should not be given to any child under the age of 1 year old. The hormone levels as well as the simple structure of the protiens in it are very difficult for their young stomachs to digest when they are not broken down the way they are in baby's formula. You should wait until their 1st birthday to introduce any regular milk to the baby. However, at 6 months you can slowly begin to introduce some foods that are milk based, such as regular un-sweetened yogurts. Talk to your child's pediatrician before you try intoducing any new foods, so together you can decide what is best for your baby.
No, babies tummys can't handle this until they are closer to a year old.  At nine months it's ok to introduce things like cheese or yorgert or cow milk products (according to peditrican).  Best to talk to your childs doc to see what they think.  Mine didn't want us to introduce meats till he was 9 months old, but ayden got a taste for meats (thanks to day care) and he loved them.  We just watched how much he took in. 
I definately agree with the previous answers. Besides doc's saying to wait there isn't really a reason to begin giving milk at 9 months. Formula works well and is balanced just right for what a child needs as far as nutrition.
At six months it's too difficult for the baby to digest. My doctor suggested to begin introducing it around 11 months.
I've always heard it was difficult for babies to digest cow's milk and causes problems with their small intestine that could lead to more serious problems as they get older. If you are looking for an inexpensive alternative and are nursing, try to keep nursing as long as you can. If you formula feed, most stores carry a generic brand of formula or you can check out Bright Beginnings Baby Formula. I supplemented my pumped milk for both my sons with this brand and ordered it online. It was cheaper than even the generic brands and my boys thrived and are happy & healthy.  Good luck!
i did not introduce it until 10 months, and it was mixed in with formula. i started with 2 ounces milk to 8 ounces formula.  

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