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You mentioned that stress was a big problem for you, and you wanted to know how to deal with it: I assume that drinking is a problem for you too? If it is, then you MUST let the stress go. You will say How? I say....just do it! I had the same problem....I was always trying to do it all (work, be a mommy, a homemaker, a wife, an business woman) and I have found that I HAD to let that go, or I might push myself into my old habits again. The most important thing for me is NEVER taking another drink, and I do whatever it is(/or isnt:) that I need to do to keep that from happening......

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My husband and I drank quite a bit before I got pregnant and after my daughter was born I started drinking again. Nursing didn't work so she was a formula baby. At first I didn't drink much but by the time she was 6 months old I was having one or two drinks a night. I'm a stay at home mom and I felt stressed. I couldn't wait for my daughter to go to bed so I could have a drink.When we started getting ready to try for another baby I stopped drinking and I found that my stress went away. My body spent all day going through withdrawals and couldn't wait for that drink. Once I wasn't looking forward to that drink caring for my daughter wasn't stressful and I would often fall asleep while cuddling with her before bed. Other times I would just hold her, sometimes for an hour, while she slept in my arms.Now my husband and I don't generally have alcohol in the house and most of the time we don't miss it. We decided we don't want our kids to be tempted to steal our alcohol as teenagers and we definitely don't want them growing up thinking that having a few drinks every night is a normal way of life. 

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