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Restless 3-year-old in bed

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As one of his rewards for turning three, our second son now shares a bedroom with our first son (who is now 5 1/2). Our older boy falls asleep pretty quickly, but the younger one does not. We did have a protocol for a while that he'd play for an hour or so after his brother went to sleep, but we decided to have them go down together. He still naps at daycare, while his brother gave up napping three years ago. So, now he's in bed, squirming around, whispering complex stories to himself or just staring out into space. He's quiet, because we put him back in his old room if he's not. But, clearly I worry about him. Is lying in bed, wakeful, going to be a problem? Should I give him some time to start sleeping earlier, and how much? He does eventually fall asleep, but it can take 90 minutes.

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