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safe to vacuum during pregnancy?

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Yeah, you can vaccume, dust, do dishes, just about anything is safe as long as your not putting yourself in an uncomfortable position or exhausting your body.
Yes, it's safe to vacuum.  Unless you hate vacuuming, in which case, it's totally okay to tell your partner that it's not safe, and that he/she/the mother-in-law must do it for you. (Don't be surprised if they call you on it, though.)
Yes, vacuuming is safe during pregnancy. Just make sure you don't overdo it by stretching too far and if lugging a heavy vacuum up stairs is hard, wait for help. Or, get a lighter vacuum like a Dyson which is easier to use and cleans better than other vacuums.Additionally, all cleaning is safe as long as you're using natural cleaning products that are made without harmful chemicals. Method, Seventh Generation and BabyGanics are all great brands. An added bonus is that these products are all biodegradable, are safe for septic tanks, don't have harsh fumes and are safe for babies!
Yes, it's safe to vacuum. - Andrew, fingerless gloves, sportswear and fashion accessories.

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