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scared that abnormal pap will cause miscarrage... plz i need advise.

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i had a pap in november and it came back abnormal with low grade changes... i just found out that i was pregnant and i go to see the dr. tomorrow but im just a little scared that it will effect my unborn child and end up leading to a miscarriage. Help please!!!

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i can say that i had an abnormal pap before, mine was sometime before i got prego but it wasnt a huge factor in mine.. how far along you are is a factor, what exactly shows up in you pap, i know HPV can easily clear its self up, especially if your young.. also i got an std while pregnant (great dad) and i was ok there too.. i know your doctor will tell you everything you need to know but those unborn babies are tougher then you think. i havent exactly had a stress free pregnancy and mines still hanging in there! good luck!!!
I had abnormal paps and biopsies before getting pregnant, and an abnormal pap while I was pregnant the first time, and had no problems. It all depends on what the find, but normally it isn't a problem. On the bright side, after I had my daughter, I've had 4 years of normal paps! Good luck!
The worst thing the Dr's will do while your pregnant would be a colposcopy...Sorry not sure about the spelling. But that is on your cervix, and has no effect on your babes at all. All the Colposcopy will do is take samples of the affected cells (I was a very high grade a level 3). They will continue to monitor your cervix and the cells until you deliever. I would have a colo every six weeks having a total of 3 done during pregnancy. After my daughter was born, about 8 weeks later I had a leep procedure. All that does is burn of the affected part of your cervix. Honestly, It is not as painful and awful as you would think.Good luck to you, and Congrats New Mommy !!

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