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scared, i dont know what to do...

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I'm 14 years old, and I'm afraid that I'm pregnant... I've been with my boyfriend for 3 year's.. my adoptive parents don't like him Because of his family's history, which my family has done way worse things. We had unprotected sex a while ago and I thought he put a condom on Because he usually does.. he said that he thinks I may be pregnant Because he pulled out a tiny bit late... *he pulled out even if he had a condom on.* and he said if I am he promises to stick with me through all of it. I believe him Because he always keeps his word. Plus he took care of his two little brothers and four little sisters since They were babies, he is now 17. My sister Connie Who is 51 within a couple of weeks likes him and says he's a good guy. I said I'd want to live near my sister Because me and her are real close, plus I know she would get really upset if I left. my bf said we should leave together, live still in this area or go some place else. If I don't want to then he's leaving cause me n him both know that my dad would call the police and he'd go to jail. And I told him I didn't want this baby Because I know I am not ready! Plus I can't stand screaming, crying, children. That's Why I can't babysit. I have a really bad temper that I'm still trying to control. N he said I had a couple of options. One, he will take it and raise it *he loves children and r rlly good with children* two. We can both leave and take care of it. Three. I can get an abortion but he is not going to be In the room. *when he said that I said "R u crazy?! u must be if u think i'd ever get an abortion!* and then i said four. An open adoption *though he doesnt like the idea of someone else raising his child even if he can see his son or daughter*. And i dont know what to do.... he has a full time job and he makes really good money believe it or not. He has a SUV and a truck. And he said give him two weeks he can get a house. That sounds good and all but.. I'm still scared.. What should I do?

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Ok, first, have you gotten a positive result on a pregnancy test, or are you just worried that you might be pregnant? If you're just worried, wait until your next expected period. If it doesn't come on time, take a pregnancy test. If it does come, be more responsible. If you don't think you could handle having children you should not be having sex. Even with birth control, condoms, etc. it's still possible to get pregnant.If you are pregnant, you have a big decision to make. In most states your boyfriend will have parental rights, so if you don't have an abortion and he wants to keep the baby after it is born, he has that right. There are some states that require a father to petition for parental rights, they aren't automatic after the baby is born.  
Well, if you haven't gotten a positive pregnancy test then you don't have to worry. Wait untill your next period if it's late then take a test.In your case, it's best that you don't even have sex,But I remember being young so I know that no-sex is not an option. Make sure your on birth control, and use condoms, and he can pull out with the condom on, be safe.Also, it's his baby so he does have rights. So if he didn't want to give up his baby he wouldn't have too, So make sure you talk to him about this. Court is not a fun thing...
Not having sex is absolutely an option. There is no reason teenagers HAVE to have sex. I was in college before I started having sex. It's not really that difficult to wait.

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