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Scared to tell family i'm using ovulation kit for 2nd child conception

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Me and my husband have a 13 month old baby boy, ayden. we want our second child close in age to ayden, so when he was 6 months old we started actively trying to conceive again. unlike with ayden(we got pregnant the first month we tried) it hasnt been a instant thing. we decided to start using ovulation kits to help out, but when my husband jokingly mentioned it to my family to see how they felt about it they blew it off as being silly and not necessary. "after all, we had no trouble having ayden." ayden is the first grandchild in eight grandchildren(my brother, me, my two cousins, my nephew, my two cousins' children) to be planned and not a 'surprise'. im scared to even mention it again, since no one around me (besides my grandmother, who planned both her children) understands my desire to have a second child, yet having trouble conceiving. how do i even breach the subject again? should i even bother and keep it to myself?

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I wouldn't bother, it really depends on how close you are and how important you feel their support can be. All that matters is the baby that comes from it, so if you don't want to deal with the negitivity don't bother, this secret won't hurt anyone.
Why should you even mention it to them?  Don't worry about it.  They clearly don't care that you want to use one, so don't bother mentioning it. And don't worry too much that you didn't get pregnant the first month.  Just because you got pregnant quickly and easily once doesn't mean it will always happen like that.  If you're still not pregnant after a year of trying, talk to your OBGYN - you may want to talk to a fertility specialist.  (And don't freak about that!  Like I said, it's not an uncommon thing, and the first thing they'll do is an evaluation of both you and your husband, which is usually covered by most insurances.)  It's entirely possible that your body isn't ready for another pregnancy, even if your brain is!
i have to agree after i really thought about it. i see my family 6 days a week since they babysit my son while we work and we go to the same church. im very close to them and i dont want to change our relationship. i already have enough anxiety on myself without them looking at me, knowing i used a ovulation kit and still didnt get pregnant month after month :(
maybe they are having trouble understanding that you and your husband are having issues becoming pregnant again. don't worry what they think. it's your family, and your children. if you and your husband want to use an ovulation predictor, that's your businness, not theirs.
I am very close to my family as well, but I never disclosed details about conceiving my daughter, and they had the good sense not to ask. How you conceive your child is no one's business but you and your man's. I know it can be embarassing having everyone think you are having trouble conceiving. I've been there. Again, no one's business but yours. My rule of thumb was that I just didn't talk about it, and if someone brought it up I would say light-hearted stuff like "we'll see what happens!"
why do they have to know? why do you have to tell them? so you are close, that doesn't mean anything. somethings are just personal and don't need shared with anyone outside of the couple.

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