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scaryy dream's.?

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so for the past few day's i keep having this dream that someone keep's putting big hairy spider's on me to kill me & i tell them im pregnant and they still put it on me and then when the spider bite's me i can acctally feel it like if it's actually happing! what does it mean.? my step-mom say's it mean's like that someone is pregnant is that true.? i also have a dream that i go into labor but when my son come's out he passes away,??! which make's me cry..? what do they mean

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There are lots of way to interpret dreams, but they aren't super reliable. Most interpretations are based on Freud's work and that's a long topic to discuss.Most of the time, dreams are just dreams. We dream when we are in the REM stage of sleep. This stage of sleep allows our brains to convert our daily experiences into long-term memories. Our dreams may be weird, especially during pregnancy, but they really don't mean anything.
Oh Ok..Thank's:)...Also,How Long Should Brixton Hicks Contraction's Last.? Because I've Been Getting Them And I Started To Time Them & They Last 4 About A Minute Is That Ok.?
They're different for everyone. In only felt them with my last pregnancy and this one, and when I timed them they would last anywhere from 30 second to a minute and a half. So lasting about a minute is normal. Are you having pain with them, or is it just a tightening feeling? Do you have lower back pain with them? Do they stop when you change position or walk around?
Ohh & Yes!! I Do Have Pain &Yes I Have To Be Like Almost Bending Over For It 2 Finally Go Away They Hurt Alot!
You're probably just having Braxton-Hicks contractions. Mine have gotten painful but they're different than real contractions. Just take slow, deep breaths when you have them, that helps. Stay as relaxed as possible, tensing up doesn't make it easier to get through them. If your contractions don't stop and they get closer together make sure to call your doctor or hospital, just in case you do go into labor.
Ohh Imm alway's getting those and oh i bet that's pain full & ohk that's what i do most of the time it's help's but this pain is like close to my vagina..& ohk i will..!

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