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Caitlyn has yet to get a schedule, How can I start it.

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My daughter has been on this routine since 4 months,it works well for our life. 7am she wakes up and I give her 2 ounces of breastmilk, usually from the bottle.And then like 4 bites of oatmeal,and while I feed her she watches the gigglebellies,they have educational videos and I believe that if you start at a young age by the time they are verbal they will remember the things like ABC's,Numbers 1 through 5,Or anything else you teach them...After she eats,we normally change her diaper. After her diaper is changed it's about 7:45,Then we let her lay on the floor and try to roll or just make her laugh,it's play time.Then after she get's played with she is sleepy,she takes a nap from 7:55 to 8:30. After nap we put her in the walker and let her work her leg muscles.And while she is doing that I make the house look a little nice. Then it's  9:20, by that time she needs a new diaper,after I change it, I make her something to eat.after she eats again we normally give her a bath, and then get her all ready for the rest of the day.She normally plays for about 30 minutes and then I take her outside and we go for a walk, then it's 11:25. She is tired and we put her down for a nap, this nap is like an hour sometimes longer. So it's about 12:45, Then it's time to eat, she eats some baby food, and I give her breastmilk.After that she needs a new diaper, and then we go to the mommy and baby class. It's normally 1:49 when we get out,when we our home she has 45 minutes of doing different excersises. Stretching,trying to sit up,grasping,rollin,lifting head, and then it's 1:40 I give her a snack and we have 45 minutes of teaching,ABC's/Number's/ and learning shapes.So it's about 2:20 and she takes another nap 2:20 to 3:45, When she wakes up we sing, for about 20 minutes,and she goes to her gate. I have a gate time thing it's a pin and it has her walker and stuff in it, she is in there with her toys untill I have the house decent,4:00. And I have to make dinner so daddy can eat, so I cook and then we eat.She has her bath at 7:00, and then goes to bed. I made a huge answer but that's her schedule, And I thought that you could copy or kinda figure out what you think your kid needs. And make up somthing..
What kind of schedule? A sleep schedule? An eating schedule?
Well, all day she normally just eats/sleeps/plays whenever and then sometimes she stays up all night,if I can kinda have a schedule for her everyday it might help.
Start with a bedtime routine. My kids get a bath every night between 7 and 7:30. Vivienne goes to bed first, then Audrey and Harrison get in their jammies and have story time. We read a few books and they're in bed by 8 or 8:30. They've been sleeping in lately, usually getting up between 7:30 and 8:30. They get breakfast first thing. They have a snack around 10-10:30, lunch at 12-12:30. Harrison goes down for a nap about 1 and sleeps until 3 or 4. They get a snack when he wakes up, dinner is usually around 6 or 6:30. In between, they play, watch cartoons, spend some time outside, etc.

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