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Off to school leaving mom home to cry...

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This is the first year my little girl at 3yrs old has gone to school to be in the special needs preschool. She's only at school half day but to a stay-home mommy it seems like she will be there for hours. Its been the holiday break for 2 weeks and we had just put her in school the week befor break so I'm so use to her being here. Being 7 months pregnant with my second child, another girl, I know that it won't be long till I have another child to spend my mornings with. However as i put her on the bus, this morning tears rolled down my cheecks softly as I waved goodbye and I knew right then that even though I'm pregnant with her little sister she will always be my baby. I just wonder how I transition my feelings to know she's getting to be a big girl and she needs to go to school when I'm so use to having her home with me? What is a mom to do and how will I react in the future when she leaves to college, gets her own place, and gets married because I feel like I'll never be ready to let my little girl go.

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What is her special need?  Perhaps this need would be better met at home, maybe under the supervision and training of a specialist?  Three is young for school, even half day. I would listen and trust your gut reaction.

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