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Self inducing labor?

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Okay... I need help!! I will be 39 weeks tomorrow and aside from the fact that I am miserable, my father in-law has to go away for work Wednesday and he will be gone for at least a weeks. My husband and I would really like for him to meet his grandbaby girl before he leaves. So does anyone have ANY tips for starting labor? I've tried the Jump Start Your Labor Cookies, I've been bouncing on my exercise ball for a week or more, sex hasn't really done anything either. I am 2cm dilated and soft. If anyone has any ideas that would be great...thank you! I know it's best to just wait it out and the baby will come when she's ready but it would be nice for him to at least be able to see her if you know what I mean.

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Any home remedies for inducing labor will only work if your body and baby are ready. If they aren't, these methods will not do anything. Trust me, I tried them all with my first and ended up being induced at 41w 4d.Eat fresh pineapple or spicy foods if they don't give you heartburn.Go for long walks, walk up stairs. Jog if you can.Use nipple stimulation.Try acupressure points.Have sex and make sure your husband ejaculates inside you.You can also try drinking castor oil, but most people, especially doctors, do not recommend it because it has lots of side effects like vomiting and diarrhea.
ok, thank you so much!
Just don't expect any miracles. I tried everything for about two weeks hoping that I'd go into labor naturally and it just didn't happen. I got so frustrated, it was ridiculous. But, that was just because my body wasn't ready and since it was my first time it didn't really know what to do. The second time around my husband and I had sex two days before my due date and about 5 hours later, in the middle of the night, I started having contractions. So, if your body is close to being ready some of these things can help get things going. But if, for whatever reason, your body isn't ready it'll just be a waste of time. I went through about 4 whole pineapples, so many acupressure massages from my husband, constant spicy food and nothing worked. I went crazy. After that experience I'm content to wait it out and let things happen as they happen!
Spicy food,sex,castor oil,nipple stimulation,fresh pineapple. Are all things that will help.
VforVenture... This is my second child. My son I had so be induced early with cause of complications.  He is only 13 months old.  Maybe I'll try the sex thing more. I'm getting sick of trying things though so if that doesn't work I think i'm done lol. Thank you for you advise and everything :)
I know it's frustrating, but if you're only 39 weeks you still have time to let your baby come naturally. I was induced with my first because she just wouldn't come onher own. I was nervous about how things would go with my second but he ended up coming on his own two days before my due date. Generally, the body figures everything out the second time around. Just be patient, stressing about it doesn't help.
Your baby will come when he/she is fully developed and ready to be born.  I'm 36 weeks and counting down the days until my son is born, but I won't be upset if he is 2 weeks late.  I'd rather him be ready than force him out before he is fully developed, even if it means having a Christmas baby. 

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