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Separation Anxiety?

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My eight month old is going through some terrible separation anxiety. She won't let anyone else hold her...even her daddy! We are especially encountering this problem at bedtime. We really need help! Any suggestions?

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She is an 8 month old baby.  She should just sleep in your bed.  I know people are going to jump all over that, those who use cribs.   Read the book "The Family Bed", or read what Dr. Sears says about it in his books.  There are other options too. You could put a bed, or her crib with the side down, right beside your bed. Many people feel guilty about letting their kids sleep in their bed, but it's so normal. My kids are all older now.  When my daughter was 3, we moved and then she had her own bed in her own room.  I'd lie down beside her until she went to sleep.  If she woke up in the middle of the night scared, she'd come and sleep in the extra bed we put beside our bed.  It just wasn't a big issue.  No one had to cry themselves to sleep out of fear.  When they were little, I breastfed them to sleep. So easy. 
My 2yr old slept with me till he was 6 mo, I nursed so it was just the easiest option. But for naps he was in his bassinet. when he was big enough he moved to his crib, but it was still in my room. a few weeks later we moved him to his room. He was used to sleeping in his bed so the transition was not so bad because he was still used to his crib. He cried for 10 min the first time and 5 the next. after that he just goes to sleep. I dont beleive they cry out of fear, or the thoughts that mommy and daddy dont love them anymore. They cry because they are not getting what they want. they need to learn to self sooth, and untill you allow them to do so, it will never happen. Seperation anxiety is normal for that age, it is a stage and will pass. every child is diffrent I have 4 and none of them did anything the exact same as another. 
I co-slept with both our kids until they were about 6 months old, but even now at 2 1/2 and 15 months they still sleep with us frequently. But, this does nothing to ease separation anxiety. In fact, it can make them more dependent.But don't worry, separation anxiety is completely normal. Have her spend time with other people during the day and if she needs you to put her to bed, just do it. It's a lot of work to be the only one doing something for a child every single day. Trust me, I know. I'm the one who puts my kids to bed every night. But I'm sure at some point she'll go through a phase where she wants nothing to do with you, so enjoy the time that she loves only you!

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