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My 10 Yr step daughter old just had sex! WHAT DO I DO?????

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what??? who the heck did she have sex with and y is she having sex at 10 yr old? i would have a serious talk with her and her father, and if shes having sex get her on b/c and to a doc
My friend and i both just gave the kids the sex talk so they were curious.  Do i get mad?
i wouldnt get mad but do tell them that sex if something people do when they love each other and are way older..its ok to be curious but not act on it act..i would tell them if they have any questions then to ask and adult
seeing as there 10yrs old they probly didnt really have "sex"
I saw it...i was the one who walked in on them
idk then..i would ask her pediatrician what to do about it.
Ok the pediatrician told her tostop but now she is having it with all my friends boys.  i tried to stop her and my friends are trying to stop theirs but nothing works 
Maybe show her REAL images of STD's, live videos of women giving birth, and definitely keep close tabs on her and keep her from (at least) going to friends houses (especially if there are boys there).  And don't allow any male friends (her age) over. Maybe you could also have her see a psychologist, maybe there is a reason for this behavior other than curiosity. If your daughter keeps doing this, there is ABSOLUTELY a chance that she'll get pregnant and/or get an STD. I've seen it happen. NOT PRETTY!!! hope this helps.
keep her in your sight at all times, and as far as school goes, you may want to look into a private all girls school. or home school if your finances are tight. get her on birth control! 
You people need to calm down. I find it hard to believe that your ten year old had "sex" with a boy her age, considering people her age are very uncomfortable with it, and many don't like people of the other gender, being as they're still in elementary school. If she really did, then I would suggest do punish her. Everyone talking about birth control should rethink things. She's 10! The girl can't get pregnant, she's still a child!


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