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Sex has been hurting for me whats wrong?

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My husband wanted to try having sex again I wanted to wait because im a little sore but I did iit for him and it hurt I was almost crying.

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There's nothing really wrong, your body just isn't ready yet. Be honest with him about the pain it caused you. You can still do other things to maintain physical intimacy. And for now, just be aware of what's going on with your body.After my daughter was born my husband wanted to have sex before I was ready and it was incredibly painful. My doctor was surprised when the speculum was too painful during my 6 week postpartum exam. The next time we tried to have sex I checked things out myself first so I didn't get my husband's hopes up. 
Your baby may have been early but you still had a baby. You were quite far along so your system had to dialate some to get the baby out. It is still recovering. It has only been one or two weeks it takes a lot of time, they tell you 6 weeks after delivery for a reason. Give it time it should get better and it should not hurt.
I have tried to explain to him how I feel but he still wanted to. So I did but it was so painful that I had to tell him to stop.
MEDICALLY you should not have sex until after 6 weeks. What part of that does he not understand? It isn't a friendly suggestion, doctors reccommend this for a reason.
find other ways to satisfy him sexually, or tell him to do it himself. obviously you are not ready to have sex yet again.

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