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she says"u made her cry!" I say"But i dont know her!"

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ok in this school im in there is groups theres the preps, geeks, wanna bes, and then theres my group the misfits. ok well mondays its only me my friend jonny and his boyfriend felix. We were in are usual spot on the baskitball court with our skateboards just doin any trick that poped into our minds. Well we decided to lean the court over to make a half pipe. We were haven fun half pipeing when one of the girls from the prep group came over her name was natilie....she asked me if i was bi and i said ya what made you notcie the rainbow necklace, bracelet, shirt, or shoes? she laughs like we've been friends since kinder. i just look at her like WTF. then she says her friend stacy thinks im cute and she points at a blond girl with purple and pink pikaboos, a pink shirt, and black skinny jeans with shiny black high heals...she was cute not my type though i told natilie her friend was cute and she said thats all i needed to her smiled and gave me a huge then walked over to her friend. then the girl stacy walked over and started huging and kissing all up on me i pushed her (i guess a lil to hard) she fell against the fence she looked at me and said whats wrong baby girl dont you love me and i said no i dont even f**ckin know you pluse your not even my type. she got up and started crying like if we were dateing for 3 years she ran to natilie and then natilie came up to me and slaped me accross the face and yelled at me saying you broke her heart, she loved you and you just left her like nothing, WTF blair! Im standing there as she walked away like WTF just today is tuesday and natilie keeps giving me dirty looks and stacy looks well stacy is well she dont look so cute any more she came to school in torn up black skinnys, black shirt with bleach stains her hair is up in a pony tail like she didnt even bother with it...her make up is just eyeliner and everytime she paces me she turns around the other way and crys we have a class were we site together at 9:00 And one at 10:30 and right now its 8:40. what do i do i feeel really bad

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You don't have to do anything. You're all in high school and every high school kid makes everything into a much bigger deal than it really is. High school drama of all kinds is ridiculous and even when Iw as in high school it drove me crazy. You have so much more life to live, don't get caught up in these little moments. They aren't as big or as important as they feel. Instead of worrying about social drama, focus on your studies and start figuring out what you want to do with your life. And, work on your spelling and grammar.This girl will get over what happened, don't worry. I'm sure you'll all experience many more heartbreaks throughout your lives. High school is an awkward time for most people, especially ones who are different. Even if you're in a very liberal, open minded area it can still be hard when you're trying to figure out your sexuality. If this girl is in a popular group it may be even harder for her to truly figure out who she is. It sounds like she's probably had a crush on you for a long time and what she did took a lot of courage for her. You rejected her in a fairly agressive, somewhat mean way and that made it that much more difficult for her to handle. I get the impression that you say exactly what's on your mind and you react without thinking much. Try working on slowing down your reactions, especially in situations like this, which you seem to find yourself in frequently. Think about the other person's feelings before you react. Weighing the consequences of your actions is an important skill that becomes more necessary as you get older.Bottom line, don't stress too much over what the other girl is going through. She'll get over it eventually. Do your best to not get caught up in the drama of high school because it honestly doesn't matter as soon as high school is over. What matters is the education you received.
I know you didn't mean to come off that way, that's why I suggested you start thinking about your reactions before you react. As you've seen recently, the things we say and do can have a huge impact on other people. Taking a moment to think before you speak or act can go a long way toward protecting the feelings of others.And I don't want to rag on you too much about things, I've just been where you are. I know what high school is like, especially for someone who is different. The most important thing you can do right now is to focus on yourelf and your future. Getting caught up in the daily drama only drags you down and holds you back from discovering your potential. Be yourself, keep your head high and don't worry so much about other people, especially at school. Chances are good you won't be lifelong friends with those kids, you may not even see them after graduation.
ya your right up to the part "chances are good you won't be lifelong friends with those kids, you may not even see them after graduation." i know for a fact that ill see jonny and his boyfriend after graduation because im moveing to san fernando with them when we graduate.
@ gothic teen, someone gave u advice for this who the fuck cares if she spelled stuff wrong?
your life is pretty dramatic and your stories are getting out of hand. you really need some sort of athority figure to look up to and get advice from. Talk to your mom about this stuffm even if it seems like she doesn't care she might be happy to see you open up to her. Highschool is hell, but try to take what highschool has to offer, roll with the punches and afterwards you will find yourself a strong and brave grown-up. And thoughs girls were just messing withyour head for laughs, ignore them.

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