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shes finally here!

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just got home from the hospital with my new beautiful baby girl we named her caitlyn marie spaulding she is 6lbs i was in labor 9 hours but it was worth it when i got to hold her in my arms

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i mean caitlyn marie brooks sorry that was my maiden name before i got married so i keep writing that instead of my new last name
Congrats! She looks absolutely beautiful! Good luck :)
She is so beautiful! I remember when I came home with my now 3yr old daughter Nadia and it was the happiest time of my life just to let you know it only gets better as they grow. Now I'm waiting for my second little girl Abbygail Lopez-Vasquez who will be here in March 2011. Don't worry about the name I think everyone does that even me who has my last name hyphenated forgets sometimes and then my husband needs to remind me that mine and my girls last names are Lopez-Vasquez. But hey I talk to much congrats to you and your new family and Happy New Year!
thank you everyone!
Congratulations and what a beautiful name :)
congrats on your new born girl

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