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Shes here!!!!!

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Yesterday I posted that I was having contractions, so later that night they got worse so I went to the dr, When I got there my blood pressure was super super high so they admitted me. Once I got into my room, they checked me and I was at 5 centimeters,I was tired so I took a nap for about 2 hours (according to the nurse) then when I got up it was like 1am. They checked me and I was at 7, I was able to walk around and, then when I was walkin my water broke,the contractions immediately got bad, I had just enough time to get back in bed when I felt a huge amount of pressure, I sat there for about 39 minutes waiting on my nurse. Then the nurse checked me and I was at 10, Avery Rose was out in 7 pushes, She weighs 8 pounds 5oz and 21 inches long, by far the biggest baby I have ever seen in my life. She was born at 4:27 am.

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That's insane, I had my kids at 36 weeks and they were only about 3-5 pounds each. I also think it's crazy that your doctor didn't know about the diabetes untill the baby was born, You need to get a new doctor.
The doctors said that if I wouldn't have gone into early labor I would've needed a C-section, and they said they have never seen a baby that big that was born early. And I forgot to put this in there, but the reason my blood pressure was high was because I had gestational diabetes which could've been what caused her to be so huge. I didn't even know, niether did the doctor.
For some reason it says on my computer you posted after me but I know that isn't true because I seen your comment. I hate glitches!!
Didn't you do a glucose tolerance test at around 28 weeks? 
No, I didn't do one with caitlyn either. I asked my doctor about it but he said it wasn't nessesary, Was I supposed to have it done?
Update-She has a very minor lung infection, so she is gonna be on ani-biotics and will stay in the hospital for a while. She also has to be eating 3 ounces before they will let her go because her sugar was really low after she was born. I am actually waiting for my discharge papers, then I can leave.
Yes, you are absolutely supposed to have a glucose tolerance test with every pregnancy. Any doctor who doesn't do one is completely irresponsible. That test is the only way to check for gestational diabetes. Well, I guess the urine tests they do at every appointment check for sugars as well as proteins, but the GTT is best. Good doctors even do them at the beginning of the pregnancy as well as 26-30 weeks if the mother is overweight.
I actually mentioned to my doctor that around 27-28 weeks I started loosing weight, I thought that was weird. And I told her that diabetes ran in my family, she didn't seem concerned. I don't even remember doing a urine test or blood test, with either of my babies.She is the only OBGYN in my area, or I would've switched after caitlyn was born and she sucked as a doctor.

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