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Sorry but my computer wont let me answer questions and I really wanted to answer you. My son was born tounge tied and his doctor kept telling me to "See how things turn out" as he got older. The problem was that if they fixed it when he was older they said it can be common to have to re-teach some things like sucking out of a straw, talking (some sounds) and things like that. Also if he had teeth they would have to put him under to do the slip. I took him to an ENT at 3 months old and bc he didnt have teeth they were able to numb it and clip it. He is now 6yrs old and no problems since. Here is the a baby he showed no signs of being tounge tied and was able to eat fine with a bottle. What made us realize it was when he would smile his tounge seemed so little. One day my mom held him and I opened his mouth to look under his tounge and it didnt seem right that it was so short. It is an easy fix if your son does have it and bc he is young he wont need to re-learn anything. It might improve his drinking as well bc it will be easier for him to drink things. Sounds like when he was introduced to foods he realized it was easier to eat then drink so that is why he rather eat than have a drink...?? (maybe) A friend of mine just found out that her 3 yr old is tounge tied and the reason they found out was in head start they were not able to get her speech clear. Her daughter had never had any problems before this point. So dont feel bad or feel like you missed something bc not all kids show signs as a baby. Do take comfort in knowing if he is tounge tied it is a quick fix and he will bounce right back since he is so young :) Good luck!!

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Thanks, we just went to the dr and he says its normal. BUT I swear it looks just like the pictures ive seen maybe im over reacting but if by monday he doesnt start drinking better my dr wants us to see a specialist, ears nose and throat dr, so he should know better and i will ask him. I wish i could show someone thats kids had it lol see what they say you know

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