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Should I be alarmed if my 4, almost 5 month sleeps for long periods?

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My son has recently been sleeping in 4-5 hour increments and i feed him change him then he passes out again. I just started putting rice in his milk when I cant nurse. Would that have something to do with it?? :/

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i would not let him sleep that long if he's doing it at nap time. that could prevent him from sleeping well at night. a nap at this age should last no longer than around 2 hours. however, babies at this age should be taking about 2-3 naps a day. if you are still concerned, then you may want to contact his doc. hope this helps.
No biggie, that's about when they start sleeping through the night.  Enjoy the extra zzs.
i don't think that you should be alarmed. some kids nap for long hours. i remember when i was a kid i sometimes nap from 1 to 5 pm but there's nothing wrong with me.but if you're really worried, there's nothing wrong asking for a doctor's advice^^

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