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Should I be the bigger person?

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My significant other of 3 years and I had a weekend trip planned for a 5 hour drive away to visit friends. This trip was planned on a weekend he does not have his 16 year old daughter. This trip was also planned several months ago. The daughter is in a high school variety show that is also this weekend. The father thought this show was a couple weeks earlier due to dis-organization on his part. He cancelled on me and is attending the show. My feelings are obviously hurt. I planned on going on the trip anyway. When I was telling a friend about this she said that the high school events are online. I thought this would be my opportunity to get us organized as this isn't the first hiccup like this. I noticed that there was a dress rehearsal and thought this would be a great compromise. We could delay our trip by one night and he (and I) could attend the show. His daughter wants him to go to the show and not dress rehearsal. Am I being unreasonable or is she? If I am, I will own it and go on the trip solo.

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