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should I be worried

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My son will be one this weekend, a friend of mine who has three kid says Gabe (my son) has a developmental problem because he only says ma and da. Her dr told her that by age one kids should say at least six words. He's walking, still doing the baby babble but no other words. Should I go running to his dr?

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Don't worry! Kids develop at different stages. My son is almost 13 months and doesn't say anything more than mama and dada. He talks/babbles ALL the time though! :) My nephew is more the silent type and never talked much as a baby. Now he is around 20 months and saying more.Every child is different, and honestly I don't know many one year olds that say very many words. (I've been in a few play groups with kids ranging from under one to four years and most of the younger ones aren't saying much.
dont worry,all kids develop one,some kids can talk and not walk and for other vice versa.Every kid is different,even my # yr old when she was around that age had a hard time learning to walk,but she would babble and talk all day long.I hope my answer helped ;]
I agree with everyone else... I just want to add that if you want your child to progress a little faster... talk to him... when he wines or cries about wanting his baba or sippy or pacifier... Talk to him, ask him, "What's wrong?  What can mommy do for you?"  When he points at what he wants, tell him what it is (and not in baby talk!).. "Oh, you want your cuppie/baba/pacifier?  Say, 'cuppie, Please'  Okay, mommy will get it for you.  You're welcome"  Or, tell him what you're doing while you're doing it... "I'm making you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunchtime.  What do we need first?"  Talk to him like he was an adult, and also answer for him (unless he does it).  "Would you like a PB&J?  Would you like me to join you?"  I hope I was some what helpful... goodluck
your friend is rude first of all she should keep comments like that to herself. and second of all kids develop different and i bet your baby is going to get right on track!!
Your child is right on track because its his track.  He will do everything in his own timing.  Don't push him.  He'll get it. 

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