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should i buy newborn sizes or 0-3 month sizes?

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my baby is due september 1st and i'm trying to make a registry for my baby shower, but i'm clueless about what sizes to put. how long do babies stay in a newborn size? should i just skip the newborn size all together and get 0-3 monthes?

answers (7)

its better to get 0-3 months because then if you have a big baby then it will fit because sometimes newborn is just to small
Don't limit your sizes. Babies grow fast, so get clothes of all sizes. Both my kids were born into 3 mth clothes and were in 6mth by 4mths old. So, I would stick with 0-3 as a bottom line. If you end up with a smaller baby, then they will still grown into it.
i agree with both posts above, i had newborn size and after washing they were only able to wear them one week!  babies grow fast so better to go with a few 0-3 months and then bigger sizes.  gerber brand runs small also, so if that is the brand you are registering for, you might even go with 3-6 or 3-9 (i think they have onsies sized 3-9) these fit snug and worked well for the first few months.  good luck, congrats!
My baby wore newborn clothes for almost 2 months. She was 6 lbs. 12 oz. at birth. I had mostly 0-3 month clothing and they were way to big for her. I would suggest getting some of both. I agree with ambera17, the Gerber brand runs small. I would get some of the 3-9. To be honest, I wouldn't register for too much clothing. I would register for baby necessities like a boppy pillow and baby bath ect. Most people will get you clothing along with these.  
You should be safe with 0-3 months but how long the clothes will last won't be known until you know your child's growth curve. You can find this by using their weight or height at birth, but it will change over time. Using the most recent information from each check-up will help you see what the future looks like. There is a new iPhone app that helps you find the clothing sizes that fit your child's current and future weight and height, it is called Pint Size. it uses the medical charts to establish and then predict your child's growth and then it matches that to major brands size charts. Check it out at
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