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should i get pregnant ?

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my periods dates are on 21st and i had a sex on 15th and after sex whole night some lubricant discharge was there so i want to know should i get pregnant or not? is that discharge is ovulation discharge?

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If you normally start your period on the 21st, sex on the 15th probably won't result in pregnancy. Ovulation usually occurs 10-14 or so days before your period. Ovulation that occurs fewer than 10 days before your period is not likely to result in pregnancy because there isn't time for the ferilized egg to implant before the uterine lining is discharged. An egg lives for 12-24 hours on average. Rare cases have been reported where the egg lives for up to 48 hours. But again, if it happens within 6 days of your period, you are not likely to get pregnant.If you are wanting to get pregnant, I suggest you use over the counter ovulation tests, and/or see your doctor for more information.If you are not wanting to get pregnant and your current situation had you scared, stop having sex until you are ready for a baby.

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