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Should I get a second opinion?

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My doctor told me today the my beta count went up, but its low. He said the baby didn't get bigger. He said I will most likely miscarry and asked if I have had any bleeding or pain. I told him I have had no bleeding or pain. The entire visit seemed very negative. Then he asked me how old I was. I told him I am 31. Then he said everything might be ok and told me to come back next week. He also told me to go to the hospital if I have any bleeding or pain. I am white and this doctor is Asian in an Asian community. Should I get a second opiion SHould I be worried? I left the office and started crying in my car. I am so confused. I have copies of the ultrasounds, but I have no clue what the text and #'s mean......

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I would seek out another opinion if I were you. He made you cry which has happened to me several times during my life. I have non-epileptic seizures yes not the same as pregnancy but many drs in the past(since 13yrs. old) tried to tell me that I was lying, on drugs, depressed, or having anxiety attacks and that all made me cry. But my family never gave up and neither did I and now that I'm pregnant with my 2nd child I finall got a Dr to confirm that I do have seizures however they have very little to do with the brain even though some brain activity was spotted. He told me that no Dr knows every thing and when they find something they don't understand they just say any thing to make you shut up. So yeah that Dr made you cry and he's stupid for doing that you should seek another opinion if that's what you want to do and if I were you I would never go back to him because it's just going to make you feel awkward anytime you see him. That's just my opinion.
I agree that you should get another opinion just to be sure. I think alot of times they just don't think about how they make you feel when they say things. They should be more sensitive and caring atleast. I find it confusing also because he told you that you'll probably miscarry then when he asked how old you are he said that it might be fine. What does your age have to do with it? I would go somewhere else as soon as I could and see what they say and maybe you'll have better results. I hope you don't lose your baby and I hope you find a caring dr that won't hurt you and make you cry. Pregnancy is a very emotional time anyways and we don't need any help in the crying department lol. Good luck sweetie :)
I'm gonna guess you're not very far along, and horomone levels can vary by age of Mom, so I think that's why that question came up. The lack of growth worries me, and is a good sign baby isn't doing so great. If you aren't comfortable with the doctor, you can get a second opinion, or see if a nurse in the same office will go through your test results with you so you understand them better. I hope it goes well for you!

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