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should i go to the doctor or is someting wrong.?

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ok mommy's well this is REALLY EMBARRISING! to me, well ok everyday i take a shower well my babydaddy watch's the baby and everytime i take my underwear off (sorry im being so discriptive) well i alway's see a white stain on my panties & idk what it could be i feel it and it's not pee it's really goowy and white and strechie! and it come's out alot!! everyday!! i've been wanting to go to the doctor but just don't have the time to go with the baby, school etc. my baby's dad is alway's bissy working he's also starting school and baber school! so there's no time for me to go well is there anything wrong with me idk what it could be?? this is embarrising! help mommy's

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* sorry meant to put not everyday sorry mommy's(:
Most likely it is still your discharge. It should of gone from bloody to a pink and now a white discharge. It will most likely continue for a little bit. You can wear a liner to help catch it.  If it smells really bad or if you are really worried then go see a doctor.
i always get thiis too !! I barly went to the doctor and i have no infections so im guessing its normal...
It's normal to have some sort of vaginal discharge. As long as it's not foul smelling and isn't colored (yellow or green) you should be just fine. The discharge changes with your hormonal changes.
ok than thank's my mom was telling me that too but idk it's just gross! lol and yeah i think i am gonna start wearing pantie liners & oh than at least it's normal! & v it's not yellow or green!(: thank's mommy's(:

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