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Should i go to the E.R.??

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I'm 32weeks pregnant, been having bh for a while now but every time I visit the hospital I get sent home with no clear answer. I have been having bh lately again to the point where I have to stop in my tracks. Anywho last night I fell on my way to the bathroom and my huaband had to help me up. I went back to bed but had a restless night but since I'm so fed up with being sent back home with no answers I'm thinking twice about going.

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I had really bad BH for a long time. I even had them so bad my husband thought I was in labor. I told him it was just practice. But if it is your first it is hard to know. It is better to go and get sent home then to be in preterm labor and know that maybe you could have stopped it. You can always call and talk to an on call nurse or ob. They can sometimes help.
It's normal to have Braxton-Hicks contractions early on during pregnancy. The way to tell if it's BH or labor is to get up and walk around if you've been sitting or to lie down if you've been active. If they stop after a while it's just BH and there's no reason to go to the hospital. Also, real labor progresses and contractions get closer together.With my second pregnancy I had BH for weeks before my son was finally born. They were regular, sometimes progressed and I could time them. I'd have them for an hour or more but as soon as I got up they'd stop.At this point you don't need to be going to the ER, you should be going to the labor and delivery department/maternity ward. They do better monitoring and can give you better answers. And, you can call and talk to their nurses to find out whether or not you even need to go in.

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