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Should I let go of the past?

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I had my son at 18 with my boyfriend of three years almost four. My son is eight and a half months now. Both me and my boyfriend can agree that werent ready yet, we made the best of the situation. Before my son was born or even before we found out I was pregnant we both had major trust issues. However we managed to suck it up and move on once our son was born. However I keep thinking of the past and it's hard to trust him anytime he text or even talks to a girl. No he never cheat on me, there was a two month period where we werent together and he was sleeping with a girl he liked and once we got back together he told me 5 months after we had been together that he got with this girl. The girl he was with had been one of his friends when we were together. Theres so many girls that throw themeselves at him, im always worried that the stress of our relationship may make him question if theres something better out there. Should I even be worried when he talks to another girl or am I just being paranoid and need to let this go.

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i think you shouldnt stress about it. if you have been together for that long and he hasnt cheated idont think he would. im 23 and me and my boyfriend have been together for 6years and we have 2 boys. ones 2 and the other is 1. we def werent ready either between our first and 2nd child we hit a rough patch so i think you should just let the past go and just show and tell him and he should show and tell you just how much you guys need each other and love one another. the past is the past you guys have created a beautiful baby (they may not be too beautiful when they are crying at 3am lol) but try not to stress about it. ithink if u just let it go and move on and never bring it up and work on your trust isssues i think everything will work out.
I think you should ask yourself if you want to be with him for the rest of your life being treated exactly how he treats you now, chatting up exes and so on or are you just putting up with it for your baby. If it's just for your baby, you shouldn't be together. Many people make the mistake of staying together for the kids. Children learn how to have a relashionship from their parents. If you don't like each other (even if you love each other you may not like each other) the child will not be happy and will have a messed up veiw on relashionships. If you do want to be together forever then tell him how you feel. I would personally not be ok with my husband texted girls he used to sleep with. If he refuses to stop you need to think about if he really loves you or not. My first sons father and i did not get along at all. My baby would cry as we fought. We broke up when my baby was 6 months old. It was the best choice i ever made. We are both happily married to other people now, my son has equal time at both houses and has 4 parents that love him.

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