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Should I let my 2 year old stay a week at grandparent's house?

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What do most people do with the baby's older sibling when mom and dad come home with new baby? (So mom can have some time alone with new baby) 1 week at grandparent's house?

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When my second was born I had my daughter stay with family while we were in the hospital. Unfortunately, my family got flaky and my then 18 month old daughter had to spend the second night with us in the hospital. It was awkward, but it gave her a chance to bond with her baby brother on neutral territory.When our third was born, our older two stayed with a friend of ours. We left the hospital after just 36 hours because we were anxious to get home and have our family all together.There's really no need to spend a whole lot of time bonding with your newborn. There is plenty of time for that, even with an older sibling around. I think a week away from the family would be hard for a 2 year old to deal with, especially when it means coming home to a new baby. I didn't have any jealousy issues with my kids (they're all 18-20 months apart), but they were all very excited for the new baby and loved bonding with their baby siblings.  
When I had my daughter I did not let anyone take my son away. I did not want him to feel abandoned or feel left out of the whole experience.

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