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Should I let my daughter wear make up?

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Today I put all the kids in the van then Cassidy comes in I was shocked I didn't say nothing to her. But she was wearing eyeliner mascara lip gloss lip stick blush. Were did she get it all I wondered. What should I do I let my other I have 12 children 7 girls 6 boys. She is the 4 oldest girl. Megan didn't ask about make up till freshman year of high school. Jen was 13 almost 14. Jill was 12 almost 13 but oy blush and lip glos. My Cassidy is only 11 and she didn't even ask I thought she wasn't maturing yet so I didn't get her a rom for herself I do t rubbing off on the younger girls that she shares a room with what do I do?

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She should have asked you first. Make it clear that mommy's makeup is off-limits.
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just set your boundaries with her. tell her that she needs to ask you before wearing makeup.tell her she's not old enough for that. she'll be upset, but you could compromise by letting her wear lip gloss or blush. something subtle.
I started wearing make up at 11 yrs. old & regret it.  It will age the skin.  First of all, tell her that she's not old enough to wear make up & that when she gets old enough you'll let her know.  Secondly, I think she should be grounded for a reasonable amt. of time, say a week, for disrespecting you by not asking you first if she could wear make up. ErikaL.N.
I've been fighting this with my daughter, 10, since she was 9. My solution - I bought her a "play" set for Christmas. Just for "play" during sleepovers, etc. Then one day she emerges for school looking like she just came in from a night at the clubs! I scrubbed her face and told her that she can only wear makeup if she asks first. Usually the answer is no. But, you can't say no everytime. So, for special occasions, a school dance, etc., I spend more time than is necessary to put little, if any, on her. Because of the amount of time I spend doing it, she seems to think she is wearing "full-on" makeup, even though she is practically bare-skinned. A little devious...but saying "No" all the time is destined to backfire. Kid's today are just growing up we must remain vigil staying one step ahead.
use some proper grammer and puntuaction when you post your questions! it's so difficult to read! and no, an 11 year old girl should not be wearing makeup. what's next? mini skirts and g-strings? YOU NEED TO LEARN HOW TO SET SOME LIMITS WITH YOUR CHILDREN. THEY ARE RUNNING ALL OVER YOU ! I HAVE TO SAY THE BAD MOTHER OF THE YEAR AWARD GOES TO YOU! YOU LACK ANY FORM OF COMMON SENSE AND CLEARLY HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO DISCIPLINE YOUR 12 KIDS.
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I think that you shouldn`t let her wear make-up. It is not healthy. The only time I let my daughter using it was on Halloween. We dressed her with punk clothes. I was happy that I found a site and I was able to Shop for awesome punk baby clothes at
No. I think that you shouldn`t let her wearing make-up. She is too young. You can always buy her dresses, printed stockings and all kind of dolls.
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