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Should I look into modeling for my child?

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I know, I know. ..Every parent thinks their baby is the cutest, and I feel the same. My children are adorable. But, my youngest daughter is 10 months old and she just isn't cute, she is BEAUTIFUL. Everywhere we go, people coo over just how beautiful she is. Sometimes its uncomfortable because I have to brag up the other children's looks so they dont feel left out. My question is, how do I get her into baby modeling without plastering her face all over the internet in evry "cutie" contest there is. I dont want to pay hunderds of dollers to some unknown agent, I dont want to enter any "beauty" contests, I would just like her to be on the front cover of your magazine, (is that asking to much?), really, I would like to get her (and the other kids too) on the legit road to modeling...any advice?

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Look in the yellow pages for a modelling agency in your town (or nearby).  Give them a call and find out if they handle children, and if not, if they can suggest a reputable agency who does.  Make sure whatever agency you go with doesn't have any negative ratings with the BBB. If you don't like the line they give you, then don't sign up. I have a friend whose nephew did some modelling gigs as an infant.  The mom in question was very laid-back about it; if the timing worked, yay.  If the timing didn't, eh.  It was mostly something for her to do some days, as a way of getting out of the house, and they earned some college money to boot.  I always meant to sign up my son, but never got around to it - we always had the same reaction whenever we went out that you've had! 
If you do get them modeling, make sure they pay your child not yourself and set them up with an Roth IRA and a College Mutual Fund... might as well get them set up young
just because everyone tells you how beautiful your child is, doesn't mean she needs to be a baby model. every time i take my daughter out, i hear the same thing, "omg! she's so gorgeous! how old? what's her name? oh, her name is paisley? that's a beautiful name! i have never heard that one before!" yeah, we all think that our babies are the most beautiful thing in the world. that's part of being a mother. that doesn't mean that you need to exploit your children, and plaster their faces all over magazine covers. if you are into teaching your child to, "strike a pose! make a pretty face!", then that's you. personally, i'm against child models. i think that children should have the freedom to be kids. if and when she wants to be a model when she's an adult, let her explore that option on her own accord.
What if your baby doesn't want to be a model, and when she gets older she hates you for making her do it? Your daughter might not want to be a model. I'd wait until she gets a bit older and ask her if she wants to be in a magazine or something.
Absolutely!  It costs nothing to start.  Especially when kids are young.  Print ads and TV commercials can pay their colledge education.  I'd say that is worth it.  There are Great sites like that have lists all over the countryMy oldest daughter earned $27,500 from a McDonalds Commercial that took one day to shoot and it ran for four weeks.  She just booked a Barbie Spot - they say because it will run over Christmas could ear another $40,000

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