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should i run to the police or should i just deal with it?

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so i was walking to the store when a black mustange pulls in front of me and out pops my exbf damien....conversation..... Me- your in my move now Damien-wow not even a hi Me-Hello now F*c*in move out of my way Damien-attitude tisk tisk Me-now damien Damien-you've changed alot blair Me-so Damien-what happen to that sweet gothic girl Me she died Damien i bet i can bring her back then that assh**e grabed me and kissed me!! i kiked him in his ya and ran. he yelled out "you will be mine again make no mistake of that!) Im scared should i go to the police or what because he is following me i see his car every were and in stores i see him hiding watching me from far. should i tell police or my hard core friends?

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I would definately make a report about it and file for a restraining order against him. I work in a police staion and people file reports about harassment all the time, so don't be paranoid, you're not the only one. And I don't know what your friends are like, but believe me, taking matters into your own hands might only make things worse.Also, you really don't want to have to deal with a weird ex-boyfirend to the point where it could become dangerous. Sadly, I've learned from experience the lengths some guys will go to win you back, and it can get brutal. My husband was almost killed in a car accident (when we first started dating) that was sort of caused by my ex-boyfriend. Thank God, he was okay, but now I never underestimate people.Right now, the police can't do much because he's never done anything to physically harm you. People make threats to others a lot, but most of the time they're just empty threats. But if he's following you, make the report, and bring it with you to the court house when you go for your restraining order. Filing a police report first definately helps for a restraining order to be granted. At least this way if he comes near you and violates the order, he can be arrested. It doesn't hurt to take precautions to protect yourself.Also, out of curiosity, why are you asking this question on Do you guys have a kid together? Just so you know if that is the case, you can still get a restraining order. It doesn't change. Good luck, and take care.
i filed a report on saterdayfriends in high places of L.Ano kidsasked here cuz cant ask on facebook because i wouldnt get an answer just a "dont worry we'll handle it" 

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