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Should I start a business from home?

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I like researching things that I use on my baby before using them just so I know I really am giving him the best start. He is 6months old. After researching SOOO MANY baby products, I found that a lot of them had cancerous chemicals in them. So I did a course in natural and organic products, learning how to make them. While doing that I am still researching and learning. Before I fell pregnant, this had never ever crossed my mind before, but after all my research I cannot believe all these dangerous chemicals are actually in every day items like soaps etc. But anyway, back to my question. I was considering trying to start a business from home that way I can do something I am passionate about, I absolutely LOVE working (I was made redundant after my baby was born) and I would love for my partner to be able to give up work to spend time with my son. Plus we found out we are 8wks pregnant and it would be good to have a little help. Should I jump into this? I know it will be hard but it's something I really enjoy. Could it really get to a point were my partner stops working? Has anyone else done this?

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I personally think its an awesome idea,but that is only if your situation is right. My cousin owns a dairy queen so I pretty much chose my hours so on saturday I work from 1-3 hours and my husband watches my daughter. I get paid 360 a day so I don't work much but I get extra money for me my husband and lil cait. I honestly love working to I like to have something to do and a few hours to be alone without caitlyn constantly wanting my attention I my baby and my husband but I need to get away. Anyways sorry to talk about myself but the point is you gotta find a job that works with you and your time.
It's possible that you could be successful with something like that, but it would probably take a few years. You should pick up a book called "Entrepreneurship for Dummies" to find out pretty much all the information you need before you start your own business. You should also know that there are multiple natural and organic baby product companies out there and there are more popping up. So you'd have a fair amount of competition. You also have to consider whether or not you could compete with these companies' prices (since they sell at Target and Toys/Babies R Us now, not just health food stores) and whether or not you'd have enough local or internet business to give you a good enough start.Having a home business is a great idea and it's something I'm looking forward to pursuing soon. But, you have to have the right idea for your market and you have to actually be good at what you want to do.
@VforVenture. Thank you so much for that! I actually really enjoy reading all your comments on peoples questions. You seem very informed.I will deff get that book out. At the moment I was hoping to do it just as a hobby and my family like the products so I make them some things. Although I do love doing it as a hobby, while my partner brings home he bacon, I really would love to help him out and let him be with our son as he grows up. Thanks again! Good luck to you on your venture!
Aww, thanks! My husband went to business school so he's always on my case to read that book but I just haven't yet. I'm going to be starting a catering business from home at some point. I also do a lot of crafting and want to try to sell a bunch of things on etsy but there are so many people on there I don't know how easy it would be to make money. I'm a stay at home mom and want to be able to stay home for as long as I can, but I know there will be a point when I'll need to bring in some money too. I do want to congratulate you on doing what you're doing. Whether it becomes a business or not you're helping your family and friends to be a little bit healthier, and that's awesome!

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