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Should I tell my baby's dads parents about her

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Long story short, my baby's dad ditched me when i found out we were pregnant, (hadnt been together long) and tried to ignore my for 2.5mths, i moved interstate to be near my family for support. Got back in contact once i let him know that i was going to go for child support. He hasnt seen bubs has text all way through asking to be kept updated about her. I found out at 40 weeks pregnant when i was at a doctors appointment for a check up from a friend that he actually owned a house and was living with a girl he had been with since 2008 so needless to say about to have a bay and super hormonal this absolutely devastated me. I let him know my thoughts and went off my head, he said that he doesnt want her or his family to find out about the baby who is now 7 weeks old as it will 'destroy' him and hurt alot of people... im sorry but I think he needs to be responsible for his actions and secondly um hello you have a daughter now.... I think his GF has a right to know as apparently she is really nice (we have mutual friends of friends) and there for deserves better and yeah his family have a right to know they have a grand daughter / niece. why should we suffer more so my daughter miss out and his family be denied her because of his infidelity..... I think he needs to man up and be responsible for his actions and if he didnt want to lose his GF then maybe he shouldnt have played around in the first place... it breaks my heart. I love my daughter to the moon and back but if i had of known he was not single i wouldnt have gone there... his and her famly are apparently are waiting for a ring on the finger and baby talk seeing as they have been together so long and bought a house together last year... i want to tell his parents and his GF not to cause problems but for they have a right to know... what do you think. I do get upset about this alot.

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This is a tough one. On the one hand, your daughter has a right to know her family, and they have a right to know her. But, it's really her father's place to tell them, not yours. The first thing you need to do, if you haven't already, is to go to court to get child support. You absolutly have to do this through the lega system to ensure that your daughter will get what she needs. You may already have an agreement worked out, but if there isn't a court order behind it, her father can stop providing for her at any time. If you take him to court, this will likely open up the situation for him and he'll have to tell his girlfriend and his family.
As v said do this legally because you need to hold him accountable. Also if he does not tell her she will find out. He will not be able to hide a child support check from her for long. Or having to go to court. It will catch up to him and he will have to explain.My x-b.i.l cheated on my sister and had another kid. She knew because he paid child support but they never told their kids. The oldest found out when he went to high school and she walked up to him and said "hi, I am your sister"  so it will catch up with him. 

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