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Should my step daughter kiss her dad on the lips?

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My stepdaughter started kissing her father on the mouth about 6 months ago (about 1 month before we got married). At first, my husband agreed it was strange, but ignored it. She continues to do this, and now he is perfectly fine with it and says I am overreacting. My feeling is that if they pecked on the lips for the past 12 yrs, that is understandable. My concern is that she has just started doing this to him....and now I' m the crazy one for thinking its not ok. Once I realized this was his new attitude about the situation, I stopped mentioning it b/c it only starts an argument. Am I crazy for thinking this is kinda gross?

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I think seeing a family therapist would be best for dealing with things like this.
I agree.  We went to a therapist when we got married, just to help blend our families.  However, the kissing issue wasn't discussed..but, at that time, it had onlyhappened the one time and I assumed he was still in agreement it wasn't cool and was going to address it with his daughter the next time she tried to kiss him on the mouth.  The therapist did touch on my stepdaughter's most likely need to protect her dad and for us to notice how she will find ways to remind him she is his number one girl.  The problem is that my husband now is fine with her kissing him on the mouth and let's it be known she is the center of his world.  My husband swears I am just jealous of her and I need to get over it. I don't think I'm being petty....this is a new behavior and I feel like she is old enough to be told, especially if he felt uncomfortable with it. 
i don't think it's appropriate at this age. a peck on the cheek is okay, but not the mouth. she's too old.

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