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Should a single mom give in to a runnaway teen to sleep with the bf ?

5 answers
Should a single mom give in to a runnaway teen to sleep with the boyfriend in the family home. This is a real problem in todays world . Parents giving in to runnaway teens just to keep them at home compromising their own standards, setting bad examples for the younger siblings in the home with the result often becoming abuse from the teen and chaos in the family.

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I think that parents, single or not, should not give in to something they're not okay with. The teenager may feel like they hate their parents now for not letting them get what they want, but as an adult they will be better for it.My mother (a single mother) gave in and let both of my older sisters date men (in their early 20's) when my sisters were about 15 because she was sick of dealing with them running away all the time.  Well not surprisingly, they both were pregnant before 16. 
im 17 and justhad my baby ; my boyfriend was kicked out and my mom let him stay with us 8 months ago before she knew i was preggnant . i have a kid with him and we still arnt allowed to sleep together at night. i do have a little sister and understand my moms stance on it . along with her being a single mom uncomfertable with the situation she dont want my sister thinking boyfirends are just allowed to sleep in our rooms. i share a room with my baby (a room without a door) and my boyfriends in the next room and im completely content with it because i have a daughter and know that no boy will ever sleep in her room in my house.
I would never give in to the child. If she wants to run away, make sure she has no way to get money from you or to sneak back into the house when you aren't looking.You run her, not the other way around. If she can't improve within so many days, tell her she is going to lose stuff. Toss out her cds and other things she may find important and do not replace them. Play dirty right back at her. Make sure you report her as a runaway so she might have to spend the night in jail. Give her wake up calls and make her realize she is acting like a child, not a young lady.
Besides, if she gets knocked up, more than likely you will have another mouth to feed and not her.
DO NOT AND I SAY THIS BECAUSE OF MY OLDER SISTER...DO NOT GIVE IN TO LETING YOUR DAUGHTER SLEEP WITH HER BF!  Because that gives her the sign that she can do what she wants.

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