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Should we let our 10 1/2 yr. old daughter "hang out" with a boy?

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play dates with the opposite sex

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i don't see anything wrong with it. i had all male friends growing up as a child, because i seemed to get along better with them. just keep a close eye on them, as you would with any playdate.
its fine shes young there just friends
Such quick and easy answers without asking any more questions.  Your question requires some clarification as well.  Here's my view:  10 1/2 is a great age to teach about boundaries.  I'm not talking about the talks we had about our bodies and not touching - I'm talking about who you are as a young lady and what that means.  I'm talking about where a young lady and a young man may play or "hang out" together, in the presence of adults doing non-intimate things.  My husband and I have always set the boundary that our daughter and son may not date until they are 16.  My son, age 13, has recently discovered he has a crush on a girl.  "Can I invite her over?" he asks me.  "Of course" I answer "as a friend, with her parent's permission and a clear understanding of where you may be together and what you may do."  If that's okay with him, it's okay with me.  But that doesn't mean I turn my back and pretend all is okay.  They are asking for guidance... let's give it to them (firmly with dignity and respect) and let them be empowered to do the right thing.
Depends on the age of the boy and what you mean about "hanging out".  If he is her age and there is adult supervision near by I see nothing wrong with the two of them hanging out. MGoodman 
When I was younger i only had a couple girl friends & the rest were guys. I always got along better with the boys in my neighborhood because I liked to do the same things as them, unlike the other girls. I liked to ride bikes, climb trees, play in the creek & things like that. My parents never told me i couldnt hang out with a boy just because he is a boy. I believe as long as she is aware of what is ok & not ok to do with a boy then id have no problem letting them hang out. But this is a personal decision for you. Id suggest talking to her dad about it if hes around. & maybe even some close personal friends & some family. Hope this was at least a lil helpful
I always hung out with boys, thats all there was, I have 2 older brothers and my whole neighborhood was boys.
I hung out with guys from the time i was born, i had nothing but guy cousions for a while so i hung with them n their friends. after a while i started hanging out with my own group of guy friends.  Were i live girls are very very specific about the girls they talk to, so when i tried hanging with girls i felt uncomfortable talking to then because i would pretend to fit in. i really didnt cuz i didnt like wearing pink, bright purple or any bright color. i was a solid dark color girl. so i droped out n wint to the really me.

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