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Should we start potty training or wait?

3 answers
We have a 25 month old little girl. We have toyed with the idea of potty training but we don't want to rush her. I am due in July with our second child. We would rather not have two in diapers but I'm not sure. I could really use some help on this subject please.

answers (3)

yes you should. by you potty training her you will make her feel like a big girl . right now you is treating her like a baby and she  is going to be a big sister she need to feel like she is a big girl right now. it is hard to have two in diapers i had two in diapers and it was hard and it cost a lot of money.
Dont rush her but try to make it part of your daily routine just to get her used to the idea. If you push her she may get scared and not want to try it at all. With my son we tried to use the potty before bath time and when we changed his diaper so he put the idea of what happens in the diaper and what happens in the potty together.We are still working on it but he definatly has the idea. She will potty train when she is ready, dont expect it to happen over night. I work with young children and have also seen changes in potty training when there is a big change at home, like a new baby.
I think potty training younger is better. I have a 13 month old that I am potty training now..and he is catching on!I think she is capable of being potty trained now. And less stress than trying to do it when you have a new baby!

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