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should a woman b bleeding in her first couple of week of pregnancy?

3 answers
My wife call me the other day saying she was bleeding from... down there. She told me that her stomach had been hurting since sunday, which was the day before she found out she was going on two weeks in her pregnancy. Is that something that I should be concerned about?

answers (3)

You shouldn't ever be bleeding while pregnant....that is definitely not good....take her to a doctor. There are some women who do have menstrual bleeding during pregnancy....but that's very uncommon....
i would go to the er it could be serious it could be nothing i have had blood clots bleeding and spoting and i ma 17 weeks along the baby is very good just take her to the dr it will ease your minds its not good to be stressed out i hope the best to you guys
I had 2 happy normal pregnancies with zero bleeding last week (6 weeks preg) I started spotting and went straight to the ER, I was told that some spotting is normal and very common. They did an ultrasound, saw the baby had a heart beat and sent me home. I continued spotting for a few days until it turned into quite a bit of blood flow, exactly one week after the ultrasound I lost the baby. Unfortunately there is nothing they can do this early, I would suggest going to see a doctor to be sure, it could be implantation spotting. But to me it is worth it to go in and ease your mind.I wish you and your wife the best of luck.

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