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sleeping problems

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Hey guys! I need some help please. My daughter Kaylyn will b 2 in August and I've tried everything I can think of on getting her to.sleep. We took.her crib rail off and.she will.not stay in her bed, she thinks it is a game. We've tried putting a baby gate up to.block her from.running out of.her room. She just screams until she can't breathe so we quit doing that. So here lately I've just had whichbin the process I get kicked, pinched and my hair.pulled I need some help.please!!!!!!! Thank you

answers (3)

I think you should put her back in the crib, have you ever seen Supernanny.. place her in bed read then kisses and cuddles then goodnight from there you have two options, either try staying in the room but do not engage her or even look at her just so you can assure her she is fine and then night after night slowly work your way out... or (my preferred method) once she is in bed and gets out say bedtime and put her back the 1st time each time after that just place her back (she is going to scream and cry and try everything she can think of to get you to cave) this can take several hours a night for several nights but once she realizes you are not going to allow her to win (which when you cuddle and rock her to sleep you are letting her win) she will go to sleep quicker and quicker
I agree with putting her back to bed and leaving it at that.  You have to show her that it is not accepted.  My daughter went through a phase of that and I would put her in bed and rub her back for a minute after putting her there, but if she got out of bed, all she got was put back in.  It doesn't hurt anything to use a stern voice either.  If you can start this on a weekend night so you won't mind missing so much sleep, or if you have someone else available, enlist their help.
whoa, this is not acceptable behavior. clearly, she's not ready to be in a big bed. good idea with the gate, i did the same thing with my daughter, because i can't always hear her wake up in the morning. so if she does get out of bed, she will be safe in her room. she needs understand that bedtime is bedtime, and you are not going to tolerate any games. put her down when she's tired, not asleep. establish a routine such as bath, pj's, brush teeth, bedtime story. whatever would work for you and your family. don't let her turn bedtime into a power struggle. the sooner she learns that you will not tolerate this, the easier it will be in the long run. hope this helps, and good luck.

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