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sleepless nights

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My 3 month old daughter has barely slept the last two nights. Normally She Will take a couple naps during the day but only if I make her (she really hates to sleep), but sleeps 10-11 hours at night. The last two nights she's barely slept ( I've had a total of 5 hours in 48 hours). She's really fussy and cranky during the day but will still fight her naps as hard as ever. I can't tell what's wrong anymore. I do all the basic checks - hungry, diaper, boredom and she'll be appeased for short periods but will always come back to crying. How can I help her get back to sleep for the night and at least sleep for a couple hours in between wake ups? It's just me as a single mom so I don't have anyone to help. It feels likes I've tried everything except co-sleeping which I don't want to do.

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