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Smoking cigarettes means i can't get pregnant?

6 answers
Smoking cigarettes means i can't get pregnant??????? iknow cigarettes are bad for fertility but i ve been smoking for only 1 year and only 5 cig/a day. if i stopped can i conceive? if i didnt can't i conceive?

answers (6)

you can sill get pregnant if you smoke its just not good for u..and esp not good if u smoke while pregnant 
Like the above poster said, you should be able to still get pregnant even though you smoke. However you should quit now, before you do get pregnant, smoking through-out your pregnancy can cause a lot of life long problems for the fetus. My finace is doing clinicals in the NICU and has seen more than a few newborns suffering from side effects of their mother smoking. It's very sad, and certainly not the way to bring a baby into the world.
I did have an aunt who couldn't get pregnant because smoking messed her up. She tried to quit smoking, and she still couldn't get pregnant. But she smoked longer than you have been.
Smoking is not birth control.  If you smoke, you may still get pregnant.  If you can't conceive, and you stopped smoking (or still smoke), then there's probably something else going on.  It would be a good idea to talk to your doctor (who will undoubtedly tell you to stop smoking), who will very likely refer you to a fertility specialist (who will also tell you to stop smoking).  The first thing that happens in a fertility clinic is that they'll do an overall assessment of both you and your partner, which will give you an indication of your options after that point.  This assessment is usually covered by most insurances, and is NOT a reason to freak out.  Lots of women have trouble conceiving, both those who smoke and those who have recently quit. 
what would ever make you think that smoking could be a possible birth control option!?!?
OMG smoking is not a birth control method ...!!! Yes you can get pregnant weather you smoke or not ...!!!

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