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is smoking maijuanna bad during pregnancy

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how bad is smoking marijuanna during pregnancy?

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Smoking anything while pregnant is harmful to an unborn baby. You should look it up online, there are studies that have shown effects of marijuana on unborn babies, look it up. 
seriously? you've got some balls to post something like that on the internet. if the wrong person sees that, and decides to report you, you could end up in some deep shit. quit now, before it's too late, and before you could possibly damage your unborn child.
YES!! Stop now and pull yourself together!
Everything you put into your body is going to be transmitted to the fetus.  Marijuana, nicotene, and alcohol, as well as most other drugs both legal and illegal, can cause serious birth defects, particularly when taken in the early stages of pregnancy.  Just like getting pregnant - doing any of those things once might not end up with a child with serious medical conditions.  But all it takes is ONCE, at the wrong time, in the wrong situation, and you could be doing untold harm to your unborn child.  Please stop doing marijuana while pregnant - and because second hand smoke is just as bad, if not worse, than actually smoking, please consider stopping entirely while your child is living with you.
Mom and pot head DO NOT go together at all. You shouldn't smoke while you're pregnant and you shouldn't smoke after you give birth. You have to remember that your baby didn't willingly chose this like you did. A fetus can't make the right decisions, so you have to be responsible enough to do what's best for that child. Just stop, that's all there is to it.
i noticed on another question that you posted, your due date is 7/22/2011. that's less than 4 weeks away! if you have been smoking marijuana during your entire pregnancy, then you can be almost certain that you have done some serious damage to your unborn child. i don't think you realize how easy it is for someone to report you. i cliked on your profile, and it lists what state you live in. we know what your name is, because it's what you use for your screen name on this website; unless that's a name you just made up...not a smart move, there, hon. not to mention, every time you go to the doctors office, they have you pee in a cup to test your iron, and various other things. that test may or may not include a drug/tox screening. think about all of this. i pray for the safety of you and your unborn child. please get some help.
While I am not in favor of transmitting and potentially harmful substances to a child, unborn or otherwise, I know a lady who had to smoke pot in order to combat her morning sickness, it was honestly the only thing she could do 20 years ago. Her kids are just fine. Smart, happy, productive people with jobs, good grades, etc. I also have a friend whose parents smoked while her mom was pregnant and after she was born and she's doing fine. She's not the brightest person, has insane mood swings and has been overweight for pretty much her entire life.Ultimately, there's no telling what the long term effects will be for your child and without knowing that something is 100% safe you shouldn't take it during pregnancy. That goes for all drugs, even prescription medications.
You should definately not smoke marijuana when pregnant. Not only is it bad for your baby, but it is also bad for you too. Marijuana has much more tar in it than cigarrettes and can give your baby birth defects.Do your baby a favor and do NOT smoke marijuana. Your baby cannot speak for itself so try not to do anything bad like that, okay?
She just asked a question! She didn't say "I'm smoking pot" Goodness gracious! I understand that yes because she asked the question it makes it SO easy to draw conclusions and make assumptions but the fact of the matter is you REALLY don't know WHY she's asking this question. Perhaps she's puffing away, perhaps shes just curious about what the implications might be IF she were to light up, maybe she's "asking for a friend?" who knows? Latasha honey most drugs consumed while pregnant can have serious effects on an unborn child but I will offer you this advice, for a question like this (and it is a very loaded question indeed!) I would say that posting it HERE is not the best place lest you be harshly judged by people who do not know you or your situation. I suggest getting on any search engine (google, yahoo, ping, etc) and start looking up the information yourself. go to more than one site!! I think when you see the information that is out there and available to you, you will have your answer and also be satisified knowing that you found out these facts for yourself and saw the info on it with your own eyes. the internet is a wonderful tool at your disposal, use it!! Here are a few sites with differing opinions to get you started and good luck and your quest for knowledge and an informed decision!! 


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