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so i have a friend that need's some advice any help.???

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Ok So I Have A Friend She's My BestFriend!! && She's About 16..Well AnyWay's She Want's 2 Have A Baby && She's OverWeight About 260 Pound's She Say's && Short && She Does Not Ever Get Her Period Att ALL!!!!!! She Skip's About 2 Month's Or So && Then She Get's Here Period Like At The 3rd Month..&& Since She's Gained A Little More Weight She Think's She's Pregnant && Her Belly Has Gotten Bigg Like A Baby Belly But Not That Much!.? She Want's 2 Know What Can She DO..??? Because,..Doctor's Don't Tell Her Anythingg!! && She Want's 2 Get These Shoot's That Help Her Loose Weight If She Does That And She Loose's Weight Can She Try && Concive After.? Or What Any Advice Mommy's.???

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First of all, if she's 16 she shouldn't be trying to have a baby. I won't go into a long rant about why, but it's just not a good idea to have a baby when you're so young.Her weight is definitely affecting her menstrual cycle, which is why she doesn't get a period every month. Before she even thinks about having a baby she needs to get her weight under control. Being significantly overweight puts at her risk for all sorts of health problems.
I Know But I Ain't 1 To Talk Because Im 16 As Well.?? && I Know She Does But She's Taking A Pregnancie Test && It's Came Out Positive! && Some Negative..?!! && I Have Even Felt SomeThing Move InSide Of Her!! Which Feel Like Baby MoveMent's 2 Me Because That's How It Feel's With Myy Son..? Soo.? Kinda Werid..Or Not.?

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