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so i have this sharp pain in my back but only on my left side..?

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so on saturday me and my babydaddy went to go have some pizza & just spend time with the family which is what we needed.. well me and my babydaddy were in the game room and we wanted to play air hockey together,..and so we were playing and when i stood up i was in pain from my we went home the next day i got up from bed and the pain seemed to be worse ..and its now monday and i stiill have this pain yesturday i was sitting down watching football and when i got up to go pee i felt the pain again but it feels worse now everytime i try and stand up it feel's like it's getting worse is this normal..should i be worried.?? i feel like i need to pop my back but im scared it will hurt the baby..? what should i doo.??

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It's common to have back problems, especially during the last trimester. Your belly is big and it affects your posture. Certain spots in your back receieve more pressure than they normally do and it causes pain. It can cause pinched nerves, slipped or bulging discs, etc. Limit your activity, use a heating pad, and get as much rest as you can. 
If you are unsure you should go in and get checked out. Better to be safe. Sometimes pain like that can mean infection and other concerns.

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