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so i turned 24 weeks today & my boobs hurt soo bad ...

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at night i wake up with a little wet circle . its a perfect circle next to where my nipple is ... does that mean im leaking now ? & is it normal ??

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It's normal to produce some colostrum during pregnancy, so don't worry. You can sleep in a bra or tank top with support with nursing pads so you aren't leaking on your clothes or sheets. Bring it up at your next doctor's appointment, but there's nothing to worry about.
I started leaking in my third trimester just like a small spot, my boobs were sore, its normal just get some nursing pads and sports bras or nursing bras something comfortable. Like vforventure said just ask the doctor about it if your worried but its fine.
ok i go to the doc in a couple days .. does anyone know which nursing pads are best? . i hate sleeping with a bra . it doesnt happen everynight just some nights . y boobs feel tingly & sore

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