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so im 10 weeks pregnant and...

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i have been discharging brown stuff for about 3 weeks, but its not everyday sometimes it will go three days and then do it, but on christmas day, i had some blood..then after that it was gone... i just think its werid..and wondering if anyone eles has had anything like that happen.. this is my second pregnancy, with my son, i didnt have any of that happen.

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wish I could be of more help but with neither of my kids, 18 months and 3 weeks, have I had any of the brown discharge that you are talking about.. however personally I am one of those people that would always rather call the dr and be safe then sorry and with having some blood and stuff I would say to call and talk to the dr about it.. with my dr the nurse would tell me if things were normal or if not then she would go talk to the dr and call me back with what she said.. it was always kind of comforting and reassuring to me to do that.. good luck hun =)
i talked to my dr...and they say its normal, but i still worry cause i dont think they really know what they are talking about, so i have an appt the 4th of the month, so ill get a second opinion. soo hopefully it will be okay, but thank you so much for ur answer.

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