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So im back and need some advice...

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So ive been to the hospital twice in 24hrs cause i swear im in labor... First time they say im not effaced or dialated enough but i should try walking... I do... Then i go because now im gettin contraction every five min that are KILLING me! But they check me and say im fully effaced (thinned out) but imstuck at a 2 and can be strech to a 3. And yay for me i hear im in early labor! I thought i get to have my baby... Nope... Now my back feels like someone is giving me an indian burn on my spin an i cant walk through my contractions... My due date is tomorrow but ive been in so much pain for the past 24 hours i want her out now! Besides walking what are some other ways to help get me unstuck from a 2 and make progress cause i feel like im dying... Thank you oh and please dont tell me to call my docter he will just tell me what he told me at 3oclock this morning...

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Things like fresh pineapple, spicy food, walking if you can (especially up stairs), nipple stimulation, acupressure massage, and sex if it's comfortable are all natural ways to get things going.
A nurse friend of mine told me about a special drink. Vodka, orange juice, and castor oil. It's a natural remedy to get things going, it tastes horrible but it worked for me. And don't worry about the vodka, at this point it shouldn't cause harm to your baby. Good luck! ;-) 
there are many ways that are believed to start your labour moving as VforVenture mantioned. when I was late with my first child none of them worked. The baby really will come when it's ready :) Good luck if you try the wives tales though!
Yeah, none of them worked for me with my first either. I was fully effaced and 1cm for weeks before I ended up being induced 11 days after my due date. But, sex definitely worked with my second! Two days before my due date I thought, "We'd better do it at least this one last time before my husband has to wait 6 weeks!" And just a few hours later I started having contractions.I don't recommend using castor oil at all. Not only does it taste terrible, it can have digestive side effects. While it's normal to have bowel movements during labor, you don't want to have to worry about diarrhea, stomach cramps or nausea!
You might have already had the baby but if not, my suggestions are maybe a warm bath or something to relax you.

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