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So I'm going to have my first child, what should I expect??

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Life style, moods, and relationships.

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Yes every thing you just listed will change dramatically!  hahaha.  The true answer is to not expect anything, just go with your motherly instinct and nature will take its course.  Get over that you will not be perfectly organized, on time, prepared for anything and you will do just fine (I was none of those even before kids though!).  They are worth every minute, but babies are lots of work.  Just remember their health & safety are number one priorities and to get rest whenever you can, even if that means taking a cat nap at 10am when you just woke up at 7am.  Any sleep helps, especially when you have no control over their sleep habits or your raging hormones that get edgier without enough sleep.  Other than that, just try to enjoy everything, every joyful moment because as cliche as it sounds... they really do grow up too fast!  Congrats and good luck.
That's excellent advice!! I love the part about getting over being organized, on time, and prepared. That's something I have always had and still try to achive (with 3 kids to tow... you think I'd get it)! But it's all so true. One thing to add to the above is don't push your baby to get to the next milestone. For example they're born and now you are waiting for them to roll, now that they roll you trying to get them to sit, then crawl etc) It really does go by all so so fast and they will be doing it all in their time. When it's over you will miss it again and wish you didn't do it. This is the first time I am not doing it at all and it's my third. Relax and enjoy the ride of a life time. Congrats.

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