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So im kinda scared... I electrecuted myself...

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I dont know how to spell that word... But im 29 weeks an just shocked the jesus out of myself... Im scared and wondering how serious this is... I mean i know its serious but how serious is it really??? And should i go to my docters what could happen if i cant go... I might just be over reacting but i know being shocked cant be good for my baby this close to my due date... Help

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you need to call your doctor. why would you be unable to get to the doctor's office? are you going to be able to get to a hospital when you go in labor?
If it was serious, you should have gone in by now and not worry about what people on the internet say.
A. You didn't electrocute yourself. Electrocution causes death. You just got some sort of shock, most of which (from household items and outlets) don't do any harm.B. Always call your doctor when something strange or scary happens.
vforventure,  electrocution does not always cause death. there are rare cases where people get struck by lightening several times, and survive!

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