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so lately me and my babydaddy ..

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soo me and my babydaddy haven't been out since i was first pregnant! so this weekend my cousion and her boyfriend had suggested we go out! i didn't want to because of the baby it's been really cold!! but she said we would just go to her house and hang out there, so i wrapped the baby up really good and we walked alittle too meet up with my couison and when we were walking my feet startted to hurt so bad i felt like i was pregnant all over again! i've had never felt this kind of pain!! i litterally felt like if i was just gonna stop and never walk again! my feet only hurt like this when i was pregnant (not saying i am ) but it's so weird!! our day out felt good couldn't leave my baby it was fun!(: felt good to go out after 9 month's not being able to do much!(: also, everytime i walk alot my feet make me wana stop my feet make me feel like im pregoo!!!!!

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Your hormones still aren't back to normal so things like this are normal. About a month before my baby was born my face got extremely dry and that hasn't changed. If I don't moisturize multiple times a day my skin gets flaky and it feels tight and uncomfortable. My doctor said it's the result of more estrogen in my system and it probably won't change until after I stop breastfeeding.Some things just take more time to get back to normal. Your baby is only about 6 weeks old, right? It'll definitely take a few more weeks (at least) for your hormone levels to start readjusting themselves.
oh ok then(: it's really weird lol & wow that's crazy beat it feel's uncomfortable& he's 6 weeks(: how's your little girl
She's doing really well. She's sleeping longer at night, which is nice. My body is adjusting to that so I don't have to pump at night and I don't wake up feeling like my boobs are going to explode. I'm only pumping 6 times a day now and I'm getting 40 ounces or more of milk, which is crazy! Vivienne is dealing with the typical baby skin problems like cradle cap and she gets breakouts on her face about once a week. She's growing like crazy, she's gained at least 3 pounds already! How's your little boy?
that's great(:!! and ha beat that's real nice(: wow! that is crazy & aww well atleast she's growing healthy& richard he's doing great still not getting alot of sleep durning the night but it's worth it you know and he's also growing a little he's long like his daddy(: but now he's getting used to his diaper changes still crys but getting a little better

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